Prop Design / Set Decor

With a massive inventory and the skills to create any design.

  • 2 hours
  • Starting at $50
  • Can be on location with an added traveling fee, or designed in studio & shipped.

Service Description

From the Italian Renaissance, to a creepy dungeon, to a science lab, to any theatrical set. I have the techniques and experience to design pretty much any prop and/or decorate any set. I have experience in sculpting, painting, foam carving, photoshop, fabrication, and mold making. If you have idea, get ahold of me, we can design your concept one prop or scene at a time. Most props or scenes take about 2 - 4 hours to create or set. We can discuss more on my contact page for specific needs and how long your project will take me. I will stay on set for up to 12 hours a day to maintain props and set for continuity. KIT FEE: Starts at $25 a day - this increases with the supplies needed for your project. TRAVELING FEE: Starting at $20 per 30 miles.

Contact Details