Makeup Services

SFX Makeup: Blood Specialist, Creature Design, Beauty, Stage...

  • 1 hour
  • $25 an hr.
  • Traveling Available - Fee varies on distance

Service Description

Starting my makeup journey through cosmetology while in high school and then to move onto a makeup school that specializes in character design from start to finish. My style and experiences come in a variety pack. I specialize in blood effects for film and pay special attention to the color and texture of my blood. I also have love for the beauty industry and working with models and brides to create that special look. Having a theater background, creating theatrical looks to help portray the story is and always will be my first love. If you have idea, get ahold of me, we can design your concept one makeup look at a time. Most beauty looks take me about 2 hours to complete, most out of kit character makeups take 3-4 hours, I will stay on set for up to 12 hours a day. KIT FEE: Starts at $25 a day - this increases with the supplies needed for your project. For custom prosthetics, email me from my contact page. Custom prosthetics will increase this price. TRAVELING FEE: Starting at $20 per 30 miles.

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