The painful part about suppressing your

Pain and betrayl

Is that eventually it is brought to the surface


And you can no longer hide

The bloodbath that is in front of you

The war you had just faced

Nearly mutilate you to the point

Of no return.


This visual poetry book that takes you on the quest to self recovery. Every circumstance comes with an outcome. Most of them leading to a consequence. Either way, life brings us all to that moment at one point or another. This story visually takes you there to whitness the Eternal Bloodbath.


Bonus mini story, Intense Passions, included at the end of this story.


Models: Duchess Jealoquin, Autumn Goddess, and Alexis Dawn

Rope by: Cassavini and VVolf

WARNING: The book is suggested for 18 and up.

There is a lot of stage blood and minimal clothing.


Book is 20 pages total.

Eternal Blood Bath - Visual Poetry Book