The blood in a horror film is one of the most crucial elements to selling your makeup look or effect. Blood that is not the right color or texture can really throw off your entire story. I have been a SFX Makeup Artist for 10 years and nothing makes me happier then covering people in my sweet blood. So now I have it for sale here so that you can do the same!


This blood is made per order basis and can be slightly altered to customers preference. Example: ( you prefer slightly darker blood, you would like the blood a bit lighter, your blood needs to be thinner so it can be used in a squib, or your blood needs to be thicker so that it resembles coagulated blood.) If you do not specify when ordering, I will assume you want my traditional coloring and consistency. I can also make blood in varying colors such as pink, green, blue, and many more. So what ever your blood needs are. Just contact me and I'm sure I can help you!


My blood is specially formulated out of all food based products and is vegan.

That being said, it is edible and has a subtle sweetness to it.

It is not suggested for your eyes but will not burn.

This blood has minimal staining properties - it has been known to leave a slight stain on si