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- Chapter 3 -

Harmony takes her seat back at the table where she once sat. She is in a deep silent thought, and tears begin to run down her cheek. Of course the Madame realizes this, and instead of sitting back in her spot at the table, she walks to her counter of concoctions. She stands and looks through all the options, and decides on a bottle. The blue one, with gold specks and a black lace label. She takes her seat and Harmony, still in the silence, pays no attention at all to the bottle brought to the table. The two men, eagerly to please, bring over two beautiful glasses that match the bottle and return to the kitchen. This attracts Harmony’s attention, but still not words. Until the Madame breaks the silence, “What troubles you so my dear? You must be here for a reason?” Harmony replies with a sigh, “It’s complicated. I don’t even know how or where to begin.” Madame gives a small smirk and begins to put their drinks, “Just start with what is crossing your mind right now?” Harmony takes a moment but responds, “That I should have known better, that I walked myself into this mess.” Harmony takes a sip of the blue bottled wine, it is strong and she crinkles her nose. Yet takes another sip as soon as she finishes the last.

The two woman sit one moment more in silence as they drink. The Madame chimes in, “I cannot hear your thoughts. But your body is showing me you need to share. I would never judge thee.” Harmony takes a deep breath, “ I have done things, wrong things, they once fueled me. Only until they nearly destroy me.” Madame nods with understanding, “Ah, you have felt what it is like. Now, you can see. Life is only worth living when you fill your desires. When they are gone, it’s time to move on to another.” “My desires are wrong, that is why I need to change” Harmony says with a defeated tone. The Madame shakes her head no, “Change? No my dear. You are a special one. Please do not change, just allow. This home and anyone who steps into it, will never judge you. We can bring that excitement you once had back to you.” Madame reaches out and touches Harmony’s hand. At first Harmony pulls away in anxiety, to then allow this kind of embrace.

It is silent and the two just sit there while for a while, until Harmony breaks the silence. “Anticipation is a bitch,

A sure way to set yourself up.

My days are clouded with heavenly fantasies that are impossible.

The more maturity. acceptance grows too.

That my fantasies may always reside within my eccentric mind.

There is a pause and the silence has taken back the room. Harmony shares, “I just don’t understand?” The Madame replies without missing a beat, “Understand what my sweet?” “Why am I like this? Always desiring. Always ending in disappointment? Madame smirks a gentle smirk and replies, “Because that is the world my love, it’s nasty and people are selfish. So be selfish back. Harmony looking dumb founded responds, “How would that help? Wouldn’t that just make things worse?” “Once you stand up for yourself, the selfish people can no longer hurt you.” This time Harmony says nothing, she only nods her head and begins to cry. The Madame stands by her side and gently places her hand on Harmony’s shoulder. She speaks to Harmony in a compassionate manner, “Unfortunately this is just the way it is. We cannot change the world, but I can teach you. Confused but intrigues Harmony responds, “Teach me?”

Madame does not respond to this question right away, instead to pours Harmony another glass of wine. Except this time, Madame adds a little something extra from a fancy blue bottle. She takes her seat across the table from Harmony and shares her thoughts. “Yes, I will teach you. The way of truth, the way to protect yourself and to experience everything it is you want. Harmony take a sip of her wine, knowing damn well there is something extra in it. “Okay, I will try.” Madame smiles and responds to Harmony, “That is all I’ll ask of you. Now, you have had a busy day, let me show you to your room.” “A whole room? I can just sleep on the couch or something?” The Madame is already standing and heading for the hallway, “Nonsense, you will have your own room. You don’t need to be alone though, only if you want to.” Looking towards the kitchen where the men have been working diligently, Harmony takes her last sip of wine. As she stand to follow Madame into her new room, she feels a bit dizzy and stumbles through the doorway. Everything is a haze.

Thanks for reading and tune in next month for the next chapter!!

Love, Shaynelle

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