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- Chapter 2 -

Harmony wakes up, at first unaware of the changes that have happened around her. She sits up and looks for her notebook, but it is no where to be found. Instead she discovers her clothes are completely different. They resemble a fairytale style that she knew as a child. Confused but also intrigued she stands and gives herself a twirl. Allowing her to discover the rest of the changes to her atmosphere. The biggest being a barn that is across the way. The rustling in the bushes begins again, she hears it this time. Concerned she begins to back up towards the water well that has appeared just near her. She cards behind the well until it is confirmed that rustling is a human. A man dressed in white and blue, wearing an eye patch. He seems to be completely wrapped up in the world he is living, I wonder is he can see me? She speaks, “Excuse me, sir. Can I ask you a question?” The man doesn't seem to see or hear her, he continues his

walk through the forest. Completely avoiding the barn. Thinking to herself, “Okay, this is creepy. Where am I?”Looking around, she realizes she is far from home and needs answers. She walks towards the barn at first with confidence, as she approached the door, she become more hesitant. She looks around and no one is to be seen, as she reaches for the door knob.

To her surprise, a it opens without her touch by a woman, standing on the other side. She startles the Harmony at first, but is beautiful and wearing black and red garments that reveal a lot of skin. She smiles at the young Harmony and speaks. “Hello there, can I help you?” Harmony replies, “Um… yes please, I’m kind confused. Where am I?” The woman speaks “Perhaps you needed the adventure, life always has a way of bringing to where you need to be. Would you like a cup of tea?” Harmony respond, “Yes please.” The woman opens her door and welcomes Harmony in. Harmony looks around and sees that she is not alone. There are two beautifully fit men that are quiet and working around the house. They seem content. The women snaps her fingers and the men are right at her side waiting for instruction. Harmony is puzzled but smiles regardless. The woman speaks, “We would like tea, the floral one.”The men nod and go to make the tea.

The woman looks directly at Harmony, “Please take a seat.” The woman gestures to the table that is lavish and inviting. Covered by lace and all fine china, Harmony had never seen such a beautiful setting to a table before. She sits, “Wow, this place is amazing. This is all yours? They are yours?” The woman sits down across the table from Harmony and shares her advantages, “Oh yes, all mine. No one is to take my treasures from me. I've earned them.”Harmony smiles and nods at the woman as she looks around at all the beautiful decorations that this home had. As she watches the men prepare their tea, she wonders why the outside doesn’t match the glamour on the inside? The men finished their perorations and came over to them. They placed the beautiful china in front of the women and poured the tea in silence. Harmony pipes up,”Thank you.” The man does not answer by instead he smiles and bows at her.

The woman shares, “Oh my sweet, you don't need to thank them. This is just what they do, and they are content, so no need to worry here.” Harmony is kind of intrigues but also extremely confused by this. The woman breaks the silence, “So, tell me, what is your name?” She replies, “Oh, sorry, my name is Harmony. What is yours?” The woman replies, “Well, nice to meet you Harmony, that is a beautiful name. You can call me Madame.” Nervous, Harmony drinks her tea and looks around the room again. Staring at the men. Then moving to the walls, only to discover that their are no photos of anyone else but Madame on the wall. Madame closely watches Harmony as she soaks in the environment around her. Harmony chimes in, “I suppose I should be on my way soon, how do I get home from here?” The Madame smile and give a small smirk, “Unfortunately I cannot answer that for you, however, I can give you a place to stay while you are finding your way.” Confused but happy by her gesture, “ I so appreciate that, but really, I should be on my way. My mother will worry when I am not home for dinner.” With sarcasm the Madame responds, “ Are you not an adult? Why must your mother worry for you?” Embarrassed, “Well, yes. I am an adult, but really she just worries. Sometimes for a good reason I suppose.” The Madame, “I see, well you are always welcome here. No judgement for your sins. Only celebration for your desires.” Hesitant but released Harmony responds, “Thank you, I appreciate the tea and for your hospitality.” Harmony stands and heads for the door, the Madame grabs her wrist and looks into her eyes. Harmony is startled but gazes back. The Madame shares, “Often people don't understand, they will try to change you, chain you to normalcy. You are worth more than that. Your past was luxurious and most never get to see what you have. Don’t listen to change.” Confused and nervous Harmony takes her wrist back, takes one more look at the men, and leaves the house. The woman does not fight her, she lets her leave.

Harmony runs out of the house into the back yard. Where she stops to look around once more. Wondering which direction is her way out. She runs towards the trees and is stopped by a gravitational pull. She cannot take another step. She steps back and runs to the next direction, only to discover the same result. She cannot leave this yard. The fear sits and she drops to her knees. Tears begin to flow from her hopeless eyes. She speaks, “Why?” She sits and sobs as she begs for help to leave this confinement. She begins to speak a poem, a poem deep in soul.

“The creative type

The uncontrollably passionate

Ambition flowing

All you desire at your finger tips

Experiences happening at warp speed

Needing to grasp onto anything

Onto everything

It's wonderful really

It's exhausting too

Running away sounded nice

It's terrifying.”

As Harmony speaks, the Madame is seen approaching her. Upon the ending of her poetic devotion, the Madame has reached her. Hand on her shoulder, sadistic satisfaction on her face. She stares off into the distance with Harmony for a while and then speaks, “Come now child, it is not time for you to leave yet.” Harmony sits in silence and wipes her tears. She looks up to the Madame and smiles a defeated smile. Asking with hope, “Can I still stay with you?” The madame replying, “Always. Let's have some wine.” Harmony nods and rises to her feet. The Madame whistles to the men, they come to the door immediately. She speaks, “Wine. Pinot Noir.” The men nod and disappear into the house. The women walk slowly the house. Madame still holding onto Harmony’s shoulder.

They reach the door and the Madame turns around and stares into the forest. Where we see the man in white and blue staring back. The Madame winks and shuts the door.

Thank you so much for reading!!

I am so grateful for the feedback that I have received from this so far!

Tune in next month for the next chapter!!

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