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- Chapter 9 -

A few hours have passed and it's dinner time. The Madame and Harmony have a huge spread of fruit, vegetables, and a baked pheasant directly in the center of the table. Their plates are full and their drinks are always being filled to the top. The men join them after the woman have been served, they grab themselves a plate and begin to eat. Everyone is smiling, laughing, and eating.

Harmony seems to have forgotten her time in the garden today, of course that is until the Madame speaks. “So my love, what did you write about today.” Harmony just finishing a huge bite, “Oh you know, about the past and how it brought me here… The usual.” Harmony realizes that she may have offended the Madame by this comment. The Madame has a stern look but responds delicately, “I see. I hope mostly positive towards this wonderful place.” Then men are quiet and make zero eye contact at this time. “Of course, I appreciate it here.” The Madame smiles and takes another bite, Harmony does the same. The mood of the room has shifted and Madame breaks the silence.

“So have you seen him yet?” “Seen who?” The Madame gives a smirk, “If you are asking, you must have not.” Harmony takes a sip of her drink and sets it back down, The man in white and blue. With the eye patch?” The Madame sets her drink down and is fully invested into what Harmony has to say, “An eye patch huh? That is new. But yes, he is the one I speak of.” Harmony has a guessing look on her face and recollects her first encounter, “Yes, I saw him the moment I woke up here, I tried to speak to him but he didn't hear me I guess. I honestly don't think he even saw me. Is he one of your men?” The Madame responds quickly, “Oh no, he is not mine and I am sure that he saw you.” Harmony is more confused then ever, “Who is he then? Is he lost too?” The Madame smirks at this response, but responds in no joking manner, “He is not lost, I must warn you to not speak to him, he will try to take you back.” “Back home?” Madame's smile drops into a stern look, “This is your home now, he wants to take you back to the place where people judge you, disappoint you, and steal your independence from you. He is not lost, he is a thief of desire and has no place stepping foot into MY garden. Promise me you won't destroy what we have begun here!” A little frightened and a extremely confused. Harmony responds exhaustingly, “I promise.”

Switching her attitude back to campy, the Madame gestures to the men for another drink. They immediately stop eating and pour another round. The Madame takes a sip and this seems to help her intensity. “Good, now let us drink another and remember how lovely it is to be ourselves and have no one to answer to.” Confused but not willing to speak up, Harmony lifts her glass and they take a drink. Looking towards the men she sets her drink down in front of her. “Now go prepare our beds, I would like the black lace night gown tonight, and what would you like to wear Harmony?” Harmony looks down at her clothes and responds, “Oh, um, any is fine for me.” Madame looks at the man assigned to Harmony, Okay, she will wear that pink one I had you wash yesterday.” The men nod and disappear into the other rooms.

The Madame’s mood has settled and she asks Harmony, “Would you like one of them to sleep with you tonight, they sure are warm and satisfy my needs when I want them. Slightly embarrassed, “Oh, they can do that?” The Madame just giggles, “Of course they can, anything you want from them.” Harmony attempting to respond in a normal way, “It doesn't matter to me.” Madame responds precisely, “You can have Nate.” “Wait, who is Nate? I didn't realize they had names.” With a sly smirk, “Of course they do, it's just not usually relevant. Nate has taken a liking to you, he will please you just fine. I'll take Nick.” Harmony takes a sip, “Is it odd I'm nervous?” “Not at all, just know you don't need to be. Now go off to bed. He is already waiting for you with your nightgown.” Harmony’s eyes are wide and awkwardly smiles at Madame. She disappears to the next room.

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