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- Chapter 8 -

It’s the following day and Harmony is sitting in the back yard. She looking through her notebook and is all alone. She begins to read another poem.

“The Crash,

The moment your world stops.

You're no longer progressing.

Instead of it being an intriguing puzzle that fuels your brain and passions.

It's a depressing labyrinth that runs you in circles.

Funny really.

Watching yourself live it.

Time and Time again.

The ridiculous highs.

When your mind, body, and soul are vibrating.

Only knowing damn well what is to follow.

The all time lows.

The moments of doubts.

Doubts for your career, beauty, importance.

For your lifestyle choices.

Doubts about you as a person.

Is this ride even worth it?

Always asking.

Only sometimes feeling a positive answer.

It all comes down to what part of the ride you are at.

Today, It's the crash.”

Harmony begins to tear up and she throws her notebook into the bushes. The man in white and blue appears again, he is silent, he sits patiently while observing her. Harmony stands up and goes to get her notebook, but stops in her track and puts her face in her hands. “What the fuck is wrong with me, why would I let go on the life I had built? All by myself, I took what was in front of me and I seized the day, you know Carpe Diemed that nonsense.”

Her sadness turns to anger and her tears continue to flow, she begins to pace in the garden. Her mind is full and she walks with more passion as she relives this pain.

“I bought all the nice things, had all the right connections. Finally, I felt like I had something to show for myself.” She walks towards the edge of where the yard meets the forrest and puts her hands on her hips. Taking a deep breath, “My world just stopped, like speeding down the road at 80 miles per hour and the brakes seize upon impact.”

She’s once again at the barrier and she sticks her hand out to see if she could touch into the forest. To her surprise, she can feel the trees from the other side. She sticks her foot in and turns around to the cabin, the Madame is no where in sight. She steps down slightly on to the other side and feels a small twig crackle beneath her feet. The man in white and blue watches her patiently. She steps fully down on the twig and it makes a loud snap. She jumps back into the yard and she just stares at the forest for a moment. She breaks her own silence, “Wait. is this why I am here? To no longer have the crash? Or is this the largest yet that coming my way?”

She finds her notebook and sits back down in the garden, this time on the forrest line. Still looking at the other side, Harmony takes out her pen from her pocket and writes,

“Poisonous fumes fill the world.

It’s difficult,

To truly identify the source.

Is it caused by a wickedly vile person?

Some kind of nasty monster that preys on the innocent?


Is it a passion that has been misguided.

Maybe not meant to destroy,

But rather it is to evoke substantial emotion?

Is this poison me?”

Harmony puts down her pen and closes her notebook. She stares off into the forrest and sheds a little tear. Still not seeing the man in white and blue, he leaves the edge of the garden, deep into the forrest, he is gone. Harmony just stares and is lost in her circumstances. A few hours pass and she still sits and stares off. Her attention is broken when the sun has begin to set, she stands up, and in a marionette type of body, walks to the cabin door.

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