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- Chapter 7 -

Coming out of the door, the back yard now has two giant basin like tubs that are full of daisies and hot water. The men are standing beside each tub and holding towels, they gesture for them to get in. The Madame is the first to strip down and hop into the tube. She lets out a huge sigh of relief. Harmony is hesitant at first, she looks around the entire garden. No one is watching her, not even the men. She looks nervous but eventually follows suit and hops into the tub. She too lets out a sigh of relaxation. Once in the tub, only their shoulders show and They are handed their drinks and the men take a seat next to them while facing the garden away from the tubs. After taking a sip of her drink the Madame speaks up, “You know Harmony, I accept you for you!” Harmony smiles and looks at the Madame. “Thank you. I needed this!” The Madame responds with a smirk,” Oh me too, I always need this!” They sit in silence for a but as the enjoy the hot tub of flowers they soak in.

Harmony’s attention is brought to a small floating daisy. It looks different from the rest and she picks it up out the water. Noticing that one flower petal has been ripped in half, she slightly smiles and asks Madame, “Can I share a dark thought with you?” “I’d love to hear it.” Hesitant, “Okay, well, I have never shared this with anyone before!” “Then it sounds like it’s the time!” The Madame snaps her fingers and the man next to her turns around and begins to bathe her with a sponge. The man next to Harmony gestures to clean her too, but she kindly declines,” I'm fine right now thank you, but can you hand me my notebook””He smiles and nods at her and goes to get the notebook. The Madame seems at peace and is awaiting attentively. The man comes back and hands her first a towel to dry her hands, then her notebook. He sits down and patiently waits.

Harmony clears her throat, she skims through her notebook. The Madame is still quiet and listening. Harmony finds what she was looking for and begins to share,

“The excitement is unreal...

The warmth of his arms will soon be my reality.

Mile by mile I become closer.

Your brown eyes will soothe all.

Within your arms, all worries will be erased.

Excitement turns to anxiety quickly.

Can I pull this off?

Emotions that are opaque?

You appear...

Falling weak in the knees.

Handsome as ever,

Voice strong that radiates tingling.

Escalating quickly,

Vanishing instantly.

She appears...

The one that is not me.

The one that shares your bed.

It becomes clear...

Dangerous territory.”

Madame opens her eyes a smidge and looks over at Harmony with an empathetic glance. Harmony continues to read.

Your promises become distant.

My inner shield surfaces to the exterior.

Only desiring the love you promised.

The love that was supposed to never lack.

Yet, begging is all I had.



This is no love for a girl like me.

It's for the wholesome ones.

A girl free of fantasies.

Who is content with reality.

Content with herself…

Maybe one day...

That could be me?”

Madame has tears in her eyes, “Beautiful! Truly my love, that was raw and real. All I can say, is that you are in the right place to forget about him. Now let him bathe you, allow these fantasies and contentment you speak of to become real.” Harmony smiles and nods at the man by her side, he stands and adds hot water into the tub and begins to bathe her. He starts with her shoulder and hair, this relaxes Harmony and she sinks into the depths of the tub. The Madame’s man brings her another drink and she too sips and slips into the relaxation depths of the tub.

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