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- Chapter 6 -

Harmony walks into the cabin and begins to look around. The Madame is no where in sight, so Harmony behind to look around more throughly. Through all the trinkets, vials, books, and photos, she is on a mission for answers. The real answers to why she is here and what does the Madame know? Underneath a stack of books, Harmony's attention is brought to a book of poetry. Interestingly, it is similar to hers and the pages are full of handwritten confessions. She shuffles through the pages and is caught by one poem. She reads,

“The whore,

The woman you envy

The woman you love

The woman you defile.

The one undeserving of respect.

As if her ambitions are irrelevant.

She never claimed to be anything.

Except for herself, she simply didn’t share.

In fear the hurtful remarks would come.

She knew your kind words were limited.

You didn't really believe in her.

Her body was merely your temple to degrade.

Fill with false hope.

Never judging you.


The Madame has entered the room and is listening to Harmony. She chimes in,

“You call her a liar, make her feel cheap.

When all she really desires is to finally feel like she is worth it.

All these hurtful remarks are for something real.

Much more than her spreading her legs for wealth,

for self worth.

One day, She hopes to be loved for nothing more than just,


Harmony turns around with tears in her eyes. The Madame stands in silence. Harmony breaks it, “You too?” The Madame nods, “That's why we are here. We try all things in hopes for one thing, the one thing that is impossible.” Lifting her arms in the air, “So we live here.” Taken by this discovery, Harmony replies, “I don't even know where here is?” Madame smirks and lets Harmony in, “The place where the broken go. The ones who will never find the love we are craving, so we find here.” Harmony contemplates, “I don't understand how here helps? I mean, don't take this wrong. You are great, the men are nice, I guess. But I just don't…” Madame cuts off Harmony but featuring over to the table, “Sit. Let me explain.” Harmony sets the book down and takes her normal seat.

Madame heads to the alcohol cabinet and fixes them both a drink. She goes to set it down in front of Harmony and she rejects it, “No thank you, last time that just made me weird and sleep.” Madame insists, “Exactly, sleep is good. Weird too. Just go with it!” Harmony takes a sip and instantly seems more relaxed. Madame takes her seat and also takes a sip, “Now tell me, who did this? Who brought you here?” Harmony sighs and responds, “Me, my choices.” Madame giggles, “Okay, want to elaborate on that?” “I suppose it was my trust in those who never loved me like I did them. My faults in not loving those who truly did love me. My expectations are impossible really.” Taking Harmony’s hand in hers, “They’re not, people are just selfish and can't see past themselves. You need to do the same.” Looking up at the Madame, “Then am I no worse than them?” “No one is better or worse than each other. We all just need to focus on ourselves and what fuels our desires. Once you love yourself. You don't need anyone else.” Harmony thinks for a moment, “I suppose your right.”

Madame gives Harmony her hand back and they both finish their drinks. The Madame gets them both another, this time she makes something a little different. Harmony breaks the silence, “You want to know what irritates me?” Made smiles and sets her drink down, “Yes.” Harmony sighs and begins, “ Why would someone say they love you, but then destroy you by lies?” Madame doesn’t miss a beat, “Because love is complicated, many mistake it for a game. And when it comes to a game, their must be a winner, and they need to be that winner.” “So did he love me at all?” “He loved you, just selfishly. This is all people are capable of doing.” Harmony looks disappointed, “So now what?” Madame smiles with all the confidence she has, “Win the game! Live for yourself too.” “You may be right. I've tried everything in my power to be a good person. I’m just getting tired these days.”Madame smiles, “Discovering this is what unlocks the truth. The freedom to be you.” Harmony nods, “Thank you. May I ask you a personal question?” “Of course you can.” “Who did this to you?”

Madame takes a deep breath, “Okay, well, Long ago, when I was young and fresh. I made the mistake of trusting a man too. I thought he would always love me and support me. Sill me, little by little he robbed me of my independence. I finally left, broken and torn, and never to return.” Harmony has sympathy in her eyes, “I'm so sorry, that sound awful.” “It was. But that was long ago. We are here now and this place will always support you. I will always listen and the men will always give you the attention you choose. Nothing more, nothing less.” Harmony grabs Madame's hand, and this startles her, but she allows it. “Thank you for sharing that.” The Madame smiles at her, “Of course.” They sit in silence for a moment. Madame pulls her hand away and claps to get the attention of the men outside. “Let us have them run us a bath and make us a drink. Then our minds will be able to escape.” The men come into the cabin and stand by the table. In a stern voice, “Bath in the garden and make us two of my favorite.” The men nod and do what they are told.

Harmony begins to share again, “It’s almost like, the moment you are beginning to feel whole again and your life seems calm. The world swoops in and it's all gone. Only thing left is pain. You know?” “Oh, I know. There is an enemy and the enemy are them. The people that only want to mold you to fit their desires.” Harmony takes a deep breath, “Why are there so many?” “No idea my love, just remember the key is to find the ones that make you feel good. The ones that accept you for you.” The man comes over and hands them their drink and head outside. They take a sip and Madame stands, “Let’s head outside for our bath. They should have it ready by now.” Harmony has a scared look on her face, “Outside?” Madame smiles, “Oh yeah, a bath in the garden, that’s what we need.” Hesitant, Harmony takes another sip and stands up to join the Madame. They leave the cabin.

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