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Hello my friends and friendly readers,


At the end of 2019, my life took a complete turn when and I was left with crippling anxiety. I came to the realization that the life I was living was not only selfish but also self damaging as well. As the year turned to 2020, I turned 27 years old and I was contemplating leaving all I had worked towards. Say goodbye the success, say goodbye to the games, and say goodbye to the “friends” that enabled my behavior. Well the world helped with that and this pandemic took all my fears and brought them to the front line. I fell to my knees and left it all behind for home. 


How did I get there? Why did I have this desire? Why write this book? 


Well, I got there because I was desperate and I went there because I had a need for worldly success. Just to find that a worldly and success seeking lifestyle will cause confusion, disappointment, and anxiety. 


So here I am, re-writing a fantasy inspired screenplay I wrote during my 6 month recovery from a sinful and hurtful lifestyle. Screenplays and Poetry have always been my favorite forms of writing, so this novel thing may get tricky at times. However, I am excited to share my first novel with you all, 1 chapter at a time. I will take each month in 2022 and rewrite the screenplay into novel form. I am not giving myself any limits, so the chapter may only be a few paragraphs and some may be pages long. 


That being said, I welcome you to Precarious. The fantastical and embellished story that represents the journey I took in order to find peace in the storm we call reality. 


I look forward to hearing your thoughts and please feel free to open conversation in the comment section. 


If you find this story hits home like most don’t, and you need someone to talk to that may understand. Or maybe you want chat God and how life is better when you have a personal relationship with him. Please reach out by email! I’d love to hear from you. 





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