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My name is Shaynelle Francis and show business was my life for 10 years. Stepping out of reality and entering into your imagination is what I specialized in. 


Although I still have a passion for creativity and imagination. My life has taken me away from the horror world and back into the basics of what is important to me.

That being said, I am particular to the projects that I am wanting / willing to work on in regards to the content of the piece. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not here to judge anyone who chooses to participate in art that is not my style anymore. It's just that I have chosen to focus my life and creativity on God, Family, and Nature. 

If you are interested in following me along on my new adventures and the ongoing quest of living a simple life. Then be sure to keep on following me. However, If this crunchy, camper living, and nature nerd vibe isn't for you. That's fine too. 

My shop with homemade skincare and teas that I have foraged from nature this past Spring, Summer, and Fall has opened and you can see what we have is on our Product Descriptions page.


Unfortunately with how small businesses work in regards to homemade consumables, I can only sell and ship to people in Vermont.

For my out of staters, be sure to be reading my first novel, Precarious for free on here. I also will be uploading recipes and ID worksheets for plants!


Also, be sure to check out my social media platforms to experience my simple life through crafts, plants, projects, and more! 




Shop for recycled fashion at Thrifted Boutique: 

Thank you! 

Shaynelle Francis 

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